You are curious. You ask the hard questions about the choices you’re making for your family’s health.

You are discerning. You know there’s more to healthy living than the mainstream narrative teaches.

You are intuitive. You feel in your soul that wellness doesn’t need to be complicated.

You are brave. You aren’t afraid to unlearn, relearn, and repeat.

As a holistic chiropractor and fierce mama bear, I share your passion for questioning everything. My family is worth it, and so is yours!

I’m here to support you with education, resources, and encouragement as you navigate your own unique road to wellness.

You belong here, sweet friend!

let me say it loud and clear:

Won 2 High School Volleyball State Championships at Lovejoy High School


I accepted Christ as the leader of my life through baptism


I was born with an innate ability to heal, just like you — but it would be many years before I realized what that meant and why it mattered.


Started dating my now-husband, Brandon Kahla, and switched my major from Business to Exercise Science Health Promotion


Quit volleyball and transferred to Abilene Christian University


Graduated high school and went to college. After excessive alcohol consumption, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This shocked my immune system and I was then also diagnosed with Mono.


Married Brandon Kahla


Graduated Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Health Promotion and started chiropractic school at Parker University


Started working for Belinda Southall at Southall Chiropractic in Abilene, TX and had surgery on my shoulder, a tear in my labrum from an old volleyball injury


Had a 10-year-old root canal tooth extracted. After struggling to get pregnant without answers for almost 2 years, we got a positive pregnancy test. Rosie was born on my birthday, Dec 30th


Started trying to conceive


We began focusing on preconception health which involved healing from candida overgrowth, parasites, and food allergies


My menstrual cycle came back at 17 months postpartum


keep going

and mine is no exception

we all have a journey of ups and downs

You are strong enough to be the gatekeeper of your family’s health!

I’m here to water the seeds of confidence in you so you can grow into a bold, fearless advocate.

I can’t promise that the journey will be easy…

But there will always be love, gratitude, and grace for you in this space.

My goal is to empower you to become your own health advocate, confidently making the best choices for your family’s well-being in ways that only YOU can.

I won’t be spoon-feeding you answers to every question you may have.

though I love sharing the thoughts, research, and experiences that go into my own personal health choices…

I’m so glad you’re here!


Seeing how you carry yourself and how confident you are knowing that even though there are haters, you don’t mind what people think of you. You love who you are and you love your body just the way it is. It’s a contagious thing and I’ve really changed my thinking because of you! Thank you for living out Jesus’ call to the fullest.

"you’ve made me become so much more confident in my health decisions, in my motherhood, and in myself."

Luisa Vidal

If you ever wonder if you have changed someone’s life for the better, the answer is yes! God bless what you do, I pray that God will always give you wisdom to speak and share the right information about everything that can help change the lives of other for good. Like me.

"because of you I have found answers that I was looking for, to lead a healthier and more natural life."

I love to share what I’m learning about holistic wellness. But don’t just take my word for it — Let these articles serve as a springboard for your own research!

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Every system of the body depends on the optimal function of the nervous system. As a chiropractor, I reduce stress-related interference to the nervous system via gentle spinal adjustments.

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