These are my tried and true recommendations — things I actually use in my own home and love.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to source products that support your health and well-being…..but the sad reality is that these brands are the needles in a greenwashed haystack.

That’s why I absolutely love sharing my favorites with you!

looking for products that actually support your wellness? I’ve got you covered.

I hope some of my favorites will become your favorites too!

I have a personal 30-day rule: I insist on trying a new product for at least 30 days to see how it fits into my life. If I love it, it’s only natural for me to share!

And because I value transparency, it’s important to mention that I do earn anywhere from 4-15% commission on every sale. Purchasing through these links is a small way you can support me and my family as I continue to provide free health information to you and your family.

I always try to negotiate a discount code for you as well — I love saving y’all money on the things I love! You’ll find those listed below where relevant.

Body Talk Basics

Use code DRCOURTNEY for 10% off

For guidance around puberty discussions, Body Talk Basics is an incredible resource!

Candid with a Camera course by Ilona Jade

Ilona Jade has been there to capture so many memories for me and my family. Her unique attention to detail provides beautiful photos. I am so excited for her to share her talents through her course.

Master Your Minerals course

Amanda Montalvo, Women’s Health Dietitian, works to help women understand their minerals and balance their hormones to feel their best!

On Track Baby


I have been a big fan of these pediatric occupational therapist sisters ever since Rosie was a newborn. I took their NOEL Method E-Course and recommend it to anyone with a baby 0-3 months. I’ve also joined the On-Track Mom Club to continuing learning from these ladies on a monthly basis over topics like tummy time, swaddling and sensory processing disorders, red flags and delays, and more. Save $50 on the NOEL Method for New Moms E-Course with code ROSIEAPPROVED.

Rewild Yourself by Kori Meloy

I took Kori Meloy’s nutrition course in January 2021. This is when I first learned that I was chronically under-eating! I started consuming raw milk after this course, and my vitamin D levels have doubled.

Thrive Training Institute

Use code DRCOURTNEY for 10% off

CPR Training, Fever Training, Drowning Prevention and more! Take these classes now — before you need them.

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