These are my tried and true recommendations — things I actually use in my own home and love.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to source products that support your health and well-being…..but the sad reality is that these brands are the needles in a greenwashed haystack.

That’s why I absolutely love sharing my favorites with you!

looking for products that actually support your wellness? I’ve got you covered.

I hope some of my favorites will become your favorites too!

I have a personal 30-day rule: I insist on trying a new product for at least 30 days to see how it fits into my life. If I love it, it’s only natural for me to share!

And because I value transparency, it’s important to mention that I do earn anywhere from 4-15% commission on every sale. Purchasing through these links is a small way you can support me and my family as I continue to provide free health information to you and your family.

I always try to negotiate a discount code for you as well — I love saving y’all money on the things I love! You’ll find those listed below where relevant.


Since July 2018, we’ve hosted over 20 different families in our home through Airbnb. Use the link above to become an Airbnb host and you’ll earn an additional $25 when you host your first guests.


I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things to buy from Amazon. Use this link to see lists of books, food, drinks, travel accessories, home, body care, and wellness products, clothes, kitchen tools, and office supplies.

Berkey Water Filter

We trust Berkey for our drinking water filtering needs. We have the Big Berkey in our home and the Royal Berkey at my office.

Brentwood Home

Click here to shop the “Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress” from Brentwood Home. We have had this mattress since 2016 and love it!

Butcher Box

Sourcing 100% grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised, free range, and wild-caught animal products is vital in our home. We love the quality and convenience of Butcher Box!



The best nontoxic foaming hand soaps that we keep fully stocked at every sink in our home and at my office.

Parabo Press


I can’t stand that I will keep thousands of photos on my phone and never go back through them. I am dedicated to printing photos every month!

Plant Therapy

The certified organic essential oils that I use and love! Click here to read more about why I use these oils versus other popular brands.

Savvy Rest


We are obsessed with Savvy Rest’s body pillows. They have other healthy bedroom essentials we use and love as well.  Write my name (Dr. Courtney Kahla) in the “How did you hear about us?” field during the online checkout process.

Shieled Healing


Get your home or office tested for six different types of EMF stressors and learn how to shield with Brian Hoyer. Available all over the United States.

So Well Made

The only salt lamps I trust are from So Well Made. We have one in every room in our home as well as every room at my office.

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