These are my tried and true recommendations — things I actually use in my own home and love.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to source products that support your health and well-being…..but the sad reality is that these brands are the needles in a greenwashed haystack.

That’s why I absolutely love sharing my favorites with you!

looking for products that actually support your wellness? I’ve got you covered.

I hope some of my favorites will become your favorites too!

I have a personal 30-day rule: I insist on trying a new product for at least 30 days to see how it fits into my life. If I love it, it’s only natural for me to share!

And because I value transparency, it’s important to mention that I do earn anywhere from 4-15% commission on every sale. Purchasing through these links is a small way you can support me and my family as I continue to provide free health information to you and your family.

I always try to negotiate a discount code for you as well — I love saving y’all money on the things I love! You’ll find those listed below where relevant.

Defender Shield

Defender Shield blankets are effective at blocking EMF in situations where avoidance is not an option.

RA Optics


Ra Optics are the highest quality blue light blockers on the market. I wear these after sundown every day to support my circadian rhythm and ensure my sleep quality isn’t disrupted by blue light.

Tech Wellness

I have learned so much about technology safety from August at Tech Wellness. We have their kill switches for our WiFi and other devices around the house and are using their hardwiring products to transition to ethernet. I can lay in bed with my WiFi off and my phone connected to an ethernet jack without any EMF exposure to me or my baby… without any EMF exposure to me or my family.

Yoto Players

Our favorite screen-free audio player! I made custom Yoto Play cards with recordings of my family members reading books and telling stories so Rosie can listen any time!