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A 5-Step Guide to Nontoxic Living on Any Budget

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You've been soaking up information day after day: following wellness influencers, reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, and asking yourself some tough questions about the choices you're making.

i see you over there wanting to make changes for your family's health 

But i also see that you're feeling overwhelmed. discouraged. stuck.

You're aware of the shifts you want to make for your family's lifestyle, but not quite sure where to begin. You compare yourself to the people you see online and feel like you'll never be able to measure up to your ideal holistic lifestyle.
  • Maybe it's because you don't have much extra cash to spend on clean products.

  • Maybe it's because you don't have a lot of experience researching your options to make a fully informed choice.

  • Maybe it's because you're just too incredibly tired to wrap your brain around a completely different approach to health and wellness.

Make informed decisions without the overwhelm

Know exactly which swaps will move the needle on your family's health the fastest

Embrace the changes you can make now while giving yourself grace for the changes that will need to wait for another season

Sift through research with a discerning eye and thinking critically about the conflicting viewpoints you come across

Pursue a wellness lifestyle in a way that feels realistic and empowering

imagine what it would feel like to

You'll find all of this and more inside our brand new guide

Walking in Wellness: A 5-Step Guide to Nontoxic Living on Any Budget

A comprehensive resource to help you make informed decisions, personalized for YOUR family, one nontoxic swap at a time.


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The first part of the guide takes you through the five steps you'll need to consider to adopt a personalized wellness lifestyle:

what's included

here's what you'll find inside the guide

Evaluate your lifestyle

do your research

determine your








The remainder of the guide takes you through 24 different categories:

air quality
food sourcing
convenience foods
food storage
oral health

feminine hygiene
home furnishings
lawn & garden
emf protection
phone & social media
air travel

the intro

Each category kicks off with the criteria I use when making choices for my own family: what I'm looking for and what I'm avoiding.

in our home

Next, you'll read about what changes I've made in that area and what that experience has been like in my own life.

the research

Then we'll start digging into some research on why I've landed on those "looking for" and "avoiding" criteria for my choices. all the research (and there's a LOT) is hyperlinked so you can go check it out for yourself!


This page has a series of questions to ask to determine if each category is an area that may need to be prioritized for you and your family.

making the swap

This page is where you'll find my top picks for nontoxic swaps at a variety of price points for each category. Lots of these options are free or inexpensive! You do NOT need to be made of money to embrace a nontoxic lifestyle.

be your own advocate

Here you'll find 4 additional resources to springboard your own research in each section. The goal is for you to draw your own conclusions and make informed decisions for your family!

the worksheets

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started is knowing what questions to ask.

That's why we've included a worksheet bundle with the guide to help you:

  • think critically
  • weigh options
  • establish priorities
  • develop an action plan for walking in wellness

Walking in Wellness: A 5-Step Guide to Nontoxic Living on Any Budget


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