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I help women like you unlock their God-given ability to heal from the inside out. Consider this your invitation to join me and thousands of others in choosing to trust the greatest science of all: normal human physiology.

I’m here to empower you to take control of your own health & wellness.

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4 Phase Cycle Podcast

I had the honor of chatting with Megan of Zesty Ginger all about nervous system focused chiropractic care. I talk about why I became a chiropractor, the purpose of chiropractic care, and why you should seek a chiropractor who assesses the nervous system. I also share tips on how to find a chiropractor, how you can use chiropractic care in your life (especially with fertility, during pregnancy, and for your little ones), why you hear cracks, and I answered many questions y’all submitted!

All About Chiropractic

I loved being interviewed by one of my former practice members, Katie of Pure Results about chiropractic care.

Dallas Birth Guide

This episode with Yukie of Dallas Birth Guide was recorded just a month before I graduated with my doctorate. We chat about what my chiropractic office is like, how I support women to be informed about their births and achieve an empowered birthing experience, what causes interference to your nervous system, how I transitioned to a natural lifestyle, and more.

Designed To Heal

In this episode Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Courtney Kahla, a holistic chiropractor in Frisco, TX who personally went through an infertility journey before ultimately conceiving her daughter. Dr. Kahla shares how chiropractic is connected to fertility, preparing for birth and even postpartum care.

Doing it Different Podcast

In this podcast with Carly Johnson, we discuss a little bit of everything including my unexpected fertility journey, my pregnancy and birth experience, ultrasounds during pregnancy, why and how we co-sleep and so much more! 

Message From Mom

In this podcast episode with Whitney of Miracle Milkookies, I share details about our struggle with infertility that I’ve never shared before such as when we pursued testing, who our providers were, those test results and how that journey led us to conceive naturally, without intervention. I also answer questions about prenatal chiropractic care and share a sneak peek into the research brief I’m working on regarding routine use of ultrasounds during pregnancy and more.

Unbound Healing

In my first podcast appearance ever, I chat with Anne Marie of Grass Fed Salsa and Michelle of Unbound Wellness just four months before I graduate with my doctorate. I answer many frequently asked questions such as how I decided to become a chiropractor, my specialties, why I ask about menstrual cycles during initial consultations, how I detect interference within the nervous system, and much more.

Very Very Quite Contrary

Listen to a candid conversation with me and one of my best friends, Janny of Janny: Organically. We chat about how we met our husbands, privacy on social media, armpits, authenticity, unfollowing people, the Enneagram, cycling with the moon, my hygiene habits, why I don’t recommend homemade laundry soap, and more.

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