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I help women like you unlock their God-given ability to heal from the inside out. Consider this your invitation to join me and thousands of others in choosing to trust the greatest science of all: normal human physiology.

I’m here to empower you to take control of your own health & wellness.

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The Freely Rooted Podcast

I was overjoyed to join Kori Meloy and Fallon Lee on their podcast. We discussed a little bit of a lot of things, including my alternative health background & metabolic health journey, why “insurance-based medicine is not evidence-based medicine”, aligning our physiology with God’s word, and so much more.

The Homegrown Podcast

I enjoyed this episode where we discuss my wellness journey from childhood to today. I share how my parent’s experiences with food shaped my upbringing, my moment of clarity regarding my future career as a chiropractor, my team’s mission at Our Well House, and so much more. 

Unbound Healing

In my first podcast appearance ever, I chat with Anne Marie of Grass Fed Salsa and Michelle of Unbound Wellness just four months before I graduate with my doctorate. I answer many frequently asked questions such as how I decided to become a chiropractor, my specialties, why I ask about menstrual cycles during initial consultations, how I detect interference within the nervous system, and much more.

Very Very Quite Contrary

Listen to a candid conversation with me and one of my best friends, Janny of Janny: Organically. We chat about how we met our husbands, privacy on social media, armpits, authenticity, unfollowing people, the Enneagram, cycling with the moon, my hygiene habits, why I don’t recommend homemade laundry soap, and more.